Trend Qualification and Trading

In his second book, Trend Qualification and Trading, L.A. laid out the neoclassical methodology for qualifying trends and measuring supply and demand - on the charts. The majority of the concepts are original and outside-the-box. The ideas for the neoclassical began to form, LA says, in the 2005-6 period and by 2007 they had become crystallized. It was the neoclassical concepts that allowed LA to sidestep the entire 2008-09 meltdown where some 40+ percent of market cap was wiped out. 

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Trade Like the Little Guy

In his first book, Trade Like the Little Guy, L.A. Little tackles the age old question of how a trader can be successful in trading stocks. There is no magic bullet but there are methods that, when followed, dramatically increase the odds that a small trader can be successful. 

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Trend Trading Set-Ups

In his third book, Trend Trading Set-Ups, L.A. take the neoclassical concepts presented in his prior book and asks the question. "What are the common characteristics in time, price and volume that provide the highest probability trade set-ups - set-ups that are ready to move now! L.A. continues with his neoclassical approach, provides a rich set of data to support his conclusions and to provide you with the details needed to be a successful investor or trader.

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