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Mentoring - The best way to really learn anything

At TA Today, we believe that anyone can learn to become consistently profitable at trading and investing. The neoclassical model can be learned by anyone. TA Today provides a mentoring program to active paying members that enables them to learn and then support the ever growing community of neoclassical traders and investors via 

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Mentoring Prerequisites and Program Pledges

Prior to mentoring, you should meet these basic requirements:

  • Have a dedicated trading/communicating computer with enough memory and processing power to server as your primary trading station
  • On that computer you should obtain and install the following (just perform a Google search then download and install these packages):
    • Presentation Assistant (trial version will work indefinitely)
    • Microsoft Skype, a free and easy to use communications package we use for conferencing and sharing screens
    • A brokerage account with Interactive Brokers which is the platform that all mentors use for mentoring related activities
  • Watch the TA Today neoclassical educational videos to get a basic understand for what is to come
  • Read LA's two books on the neoclassical model (Trend Qualification and Trading) (Trend Trading Set-Ups) and have more than a cursory knowledge of the concepts

Once mentoring begins, you pledge to:

  • Spend as much time on homework as you do on formal mentoring lesson
  • Continue the program until completion and without any significant downtime once mentoring starts (for example, you have 2 or 3 sessions and then skip the next 4. This is not acceptable)
  • Read/watch all the material that LA produces and recreate his analysis on your charts
  • Continually try to apply what you learn to your charts and your trades and review with your mentor
  • Participate in any planned mentoring activities with LA or other mentors
  • Always ask questions



Mentoring Program - Good Standing

Once a member graduates from the mentoring program, they are expected to remain in good standing with the community. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Mentoring at least two other members when called upon
  2. Refer and have accepted, at least two new members to TA Today during your first three years of entering the mentoring program
  3. Live by the TA Today creed of honesty and openly sharing knowledge with others

Graduating from the mentoring program requires:

  1. An agreement by your mentor that you have obtained the bulk of the knowledge and can successfully apply the neoclassical model and teach others
  2. Successfully win 7 out of 10 Chart Games in a controlled environment setting demonstrating your ability to apply the neoclassical concepts successfully