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Learning Neoclassical theory while playing Chart Game

Technical Analysis of Stocks has a long history. In fact, what is considered the bible of Technical Analysis, Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Edwards and Magee, was first published in 1946. Neoclassical technical analysis takes what classical technical analysis provided, reduces the noise and more concisely provides a framework to truly understand supply and demand as seen on the charts. Trend is the primary component with timing as the secondary.

Chart game illustrates this is a fun and interactive way taking historically quotes from the NYSE and randomly selecting a particular stock for a particular span of time then presenting it to the player in the neoclassical way - three time frames and a trading cube. With this you can see the trend of the market, the sector the stock trades in and the stock itself along with all the neoclassical tenets such as swing points, trend transitions, demand and supply zones.

The game is open to everyone. If you don't have login credentials, then create a login and start playing. Share with friends, watch the help videos and learn the neoclassical methods while you have some fun. If you find it fascinating, you might consider digging deeper by reading LA's books 

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