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TA Today grows by word of mouth. Members and non-members are welcome to make referrals. To make a referral, consult with the person being referred and assist them in seeing the value of a TA Today membership

  • Have them register then assist them how to access the content
  • Suggest that they read LA's trading books (Trend Qualification and Trading) and (Trend Trading Set-Ups), LA's non-professional Twitter feed and YouTube video channel
  • If you are already a member, share some of the articles and trading ideas from the TA Today site real-time to highlight the benefits of membership
  • Overall, keep in contact with them and if they develop an interest in joining the community, then with their consent, fill out the referral form.

Referrals help TA Today and You!

Make a referral and if the referred person becomes a member, then you get a $250 check!

Referral program requirements

  • The referred person needs to become a member within 3 months of the referral
  • The referral cannot be a blind referral - you have to inform the person you are referring prior to filling out the referral application

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