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TA Today has a lot to offer - many unique concepts that work amazingly well. Conceived by L.A. around 2006 and introduced to the world in 2011, the model is elegant yet captures the vast majority of market moves while maintaining a simplicity that will stun you. At the heart of the model is supply and demand, those forces that really drive markets. Through unique concepts, you can actually see supply and demand on the charts which gives you a huge leg up on the competition.

TA Today is a community - a community of like minded traders and investors utilizing the neoclassical technical analysis method as developed and taught by LA Little.

Membership comes in three forms:

  1. Two-week delayed access to all commentary and full access to the Chart Game which utilizes the TA Today tools to teach the Neo-TA concepts. All you have to do is to register on the site.
  2. Full real time access to all the neoclassical tools, LA's commentary and portfolio picks complete with entry and exit (stops and targets) and with a cradle to grave approach for each position taken. This subscription has a yearly fee of $600. To get started, create/register on the site, then click here to subscribe 
  3. All the above + one-on-one mentoring from LA himself. This is the ultimate subscription where you get LA's expertise on the neoclassical concepts, practical application along with risk and money management considerations and continued support/contact with LA as long as is needed/desired.
    • The cost $2600 which includes the 1-year site membership fee (#2 above).
    • Mentoring typically takes about 3 months of weekly meetings but LA will work with you longer if required and continues to communicate with and offer advice/suggestion/support with some members years later.
    • Please note that LA views this program as his way of giving back to the non-professional trading community since LA's primary income source is in trading his own accounts and advising institutional clients. As a result, most applications are not accepted. LA attempts to pick those students who he believe shows the most promising characteristics to succeed at trading neoclassically
    • This program requires an application and an interview process. If interested and currently and active paying member, click here to fill out an membership application now. LA will review your application and respond
  • A reoccurring fee of $600 (#2 and #3) is due yearly to retain membership rights to all content and tools

Membership Benefits

  • Access to all written and video material on real time basis via the Community Activity Monitor screen
  • Access to the mentoring program is limited to active paying TA Today members. The longer a member, the higher probability of being accepted into the mentoring program due to the higher likelihood of their success in master the concepts and applying to principals in practice.