Mentoring Prerequisites and Program Pledges

Prior to mentoring, you should meet these basic requirements:

  • Have a dedicated trading/communicating computer with enough memory and processing power to server as your primary trading station
  • On that computer you should obtain and install the following (just perform a Google search then download and install these packages):
    • Presentation Assistant (trial version will work indefinitely)
    • Microsoft Skype, a free and easy to use communications package we use for conferencing and sharing screens
    • A brokerage account with Interactive Brokers which is the platform that all mentors use for mentoring related activities
  • Watch the TA Today neoclassical educational videos to get a basic understand for what is to come
  • Read LA's two books on the neoclassical model (Trend Qualification and Trading) (Trend Trading Set-Ups) and have more than a cursory knowledge of the concepts

Once mentoring begins, you pledge to:

  • Spend as much time on homework as you do on formal mentoring lesson
  • Continue the program until completion and without any significant downtime once mentoring starts (for example, you have 2 or 3 sessions and then skip the next 4. This is not acceptable)
  • Read/watch all the material that LA produces and recreate his analysis on your charts
  • Continually try to apply what you learn to your charts and your trades and review with your mentor
  • Always ask questions