Trade Like the Little Guy

In his first book, Trade Like the Little Guy, L.A. Little tackles the age old question of how a trader can be successful in trading stocks. There is no magic bullet but there are methods that, when followed, dramatically increase the odds that a small trader can be successful. 

This book was L.A.'s first attempt at writing and was meant to be an introductory book on the basic concepts of trading from the perspective of a small trader. In the book, LA purports that small traders have certain advantages and independent of the methodology used, money and risk management are key. In this book, L.A. details those methods and provides a rare glimpse into how you can become consistently profitable when trading. To order from Amazon, just click on the book to be redirected to

Successfully trading the equity markets is not only possible but probable”, says author L.A. Little who has successfully traded the equity markets for more than two decades. In 2008, while others floundered to the tune of 40% or more in losses, L.A. (a registered investment adviser) created positive returns for his clients year-over-year. 

“There are no guarantees” says L.A., “but with patience, persistence, and the recognition of the advantages the small trader has in today’s trading environment, there is a high probability of success by following a low risk, probability based methodology.” With so many individuals dependent on their stock market investments to fund their retirement needs, it has never been more critical to either manage your own investments or find a savvy adviser who can successfully do so for you. For years now, L.A. has been perfecting his craft as a small trader – the proverbial little guy. In this book, L.A. takes a sweeping view of what it takes to be a successful trader by first defining what it means then putting forth concrete steps on how to get there. 

As explained in Trade Like the Little Guy, small traders are not like the large one – they have a unique footprint. They are able to dart in and out of stocks easily and find that high levels of cash are safer in times of uncertainty rather than in safe stocks. Small traders have advantages and it is imperative that they use them. 

The book starts by defining a successful trader then methodically shows you, the little guy, how to become that trader. From trade preparation to idea generation – from risk management to Active Portfolio Management – all are introduced, explained, and examples provided.

The final chapter puts it all together – using the tools and ideas presented in earlier chapters to provide a play-by-play of real-life trades that the author executed while writing the chapter. Week by week, purchases and sells are made while the thoughts and actions of a small trader are documented showing you how to limit risk and create profits. It’s informative and real – as close as you can get to trading with a seasoned pro. It’s a real eye-opener for the little guy

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About the Author

L.A. Little earned a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado. Prior to that, he earned undergraduate degrees in Computer Science (AAS) and a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Computer Information Systems and Philosophy from the University of Southern Colorado. He has written and presented material at a number of regional, national, and international conferences.  

L.A. currently trades his own accounts and manages investment funds for investors. He provides advise to a number of institutional clients. What's even better, you can learn his proven methodology here on TA Today which contains a complete set of tools, stocks picks and a one-on-one mentoring program. All you need to do is to is have ambition, a good work ethic and be a non-professional - the ultimate little guy.