Stock Monitor Help

We all have the same problem in trading. We find a stock that's not quite ready to move on so we put it on our screen, set an alarm on it and then move on. As time passes, the chart changes and the alarm no longer is of value.

The same problem is true of existing positions that we wish to take partial profits on or potentially exit. We are constantly having to monitor the stocks and/or constantly updating the alarms.

What if we had a tool that ebbs and flows with the market and warns us anytime a stock is breaking out or is about to breakout (over a higher or lower swing point)?

What if we had a tool that would alarm us automatically that a stock is retrace into an anchored support area into an anchored resistance area?

Well, now there is. With the Stock Monitor tool, a trading tool that ebbs and flows with the market, you no longer need to constantly manage alarms that quickly become out of date. You also don't have to worry about missing a potential trade setup either as it will alert you to each breakout or retrace and each potential breakout or retrace. Here is a short video that describes the tool, it's usage and benefits.

With Neo TA's Stock Monitor tool, just create a watch list, add stocks to it that you want to monitor and you will get updated trading signals on a daily basis to keep you abreast of every stock you own or want to own. These trading signals are based on the same principals as the Trading Signals with one major exception - they do not require 80% of the criterion to fire in order to generate a signal. They are much more granular firing on any potential trading signal irrespective of all others.