Community Activity - Performance Tab Help

At TA Today, high conviction trades are entered into as examples. These examples utilize the neoclassical model for entry, management and exit. They are intended as evidence of the value of the neoclassical model and it's ability to consistently profit in the equity markets.

The following is a description of all the fields found on the PERFORMANCE tab of the Community Activity Page. The columns are reasonably self explanatory but nevertheless outlined below

  • Symbol - This is the stock, ETF, ETN symbol that is being traded
  • Type - An indication of whether the trade is long or short.
    • Note that given that there are inverse ETFs/ETNs available as trading instruments, a long position in an inverse ETF would show as long even though it would effectively be a short position that is being traded
  • Date Open - The date that the potential trade (as entered into the Open Orders/Positions tab) actualizes (is filled)
  • Price - The price that the potential trade was entered to
  • Date Closed - The date that actual trade was closed
  • Price - The price that the actual trade was closed at. This will be the result of either
    • A stop triggering
    • A target being achieved
    • The trade being manually closed with explanation due to changes that have occurred since the trade was initiated
  • % Return - The actual gain or loss associated with this trade
    • A percentage gain/loss associated with this trade (entry - exit / entry )


Data Archiving

Over time to much detailed data accumulates and thus the data is archived. Eventually access to all archived data will be available for view