Mentoring - The best way to really learn anything

At TA Today, we believe that anyone can learn to become consistently profitable at trading and investing. The neoclassical model can be learned by anyone. TA Today provides a mentoring program to active paying members that enables them to learn and then support the ever growing community of neoclassical traders and investors via 

Mastering the Model

To master the model requires time and effort and is best learned with the help of a mentor. That is why TA Today created the mentoring program - a one-on-one mentoring process where you, and a somewhere who has already learned the neoclassical model and methods, mentors you for however long it takes to fully learn the model. 

Mentoring Program Benefits

The benefits are enormous. By joining the mentoring program you get:

Mentoring Program Costs

The costs for joining the mentoring program essentially boils down to a set of pledges. You pledge to:

Essentially, all we ask is that you help others in the TA Today community to achieve their goals and to help the TA Today community to reach out to others and continue to expand the membership base. 

Note that the mentoring program is a privilege - not a right.

Mentoring Application

To apply to the mentoring program, the steps are:

  1. Become a member (if not one already) and be in good standing
  2. Meet the mentoring prerequisites and program pledges
  3. Apply to the program

  4. If accepted, make any needed preparations and work with your mentor to achieve consistent profitability in your trading/investing activities