Mentoring - The best way to really learn anything

At TA Today, we believe that anyone can learn to become consistently profitable at trading and investing. The neoclassical model can be learned by anyone. TA Today provides a mentoring program to active paying members that enables them to learn and then support the ever growing community of neoclassical traders and investors via 

Mastering the Model

To master the model requires time and effort and is best learned with the help of a mentor. That is why TA Today created the mentoring program - a one-on-one mentoring process. Essentially, TA Today will provide a mentor (LA or any mentor who has mastered the coursework) who works one-on-one with you to teach you the neoclassical model, tools and methods. The actual mentoring process generally takes two or three months of weekly one hour mentoring sessions along with additional homework for each session.

Mentoring Program Benefits

The benefits are enormous. By joining the mentoring program you get:

  • A thorough and practical understanding of the neoclassical model and the application of it
  • A 20% discount on all future TA Today membership renewals starting with your fourth year TA Today anniversary as long as you complete the mentoring program and remain in good standing in the program
  • The ability to rub shoulders with and obtain feedback from all other mentors in the TA Today community via a private chat group
  • To eventually place your ideas to test in front of the broader TA Today membership (after LA reviews the material)
  • Access to LA for support, feedback and questions/answers

Mentoring Program Costs

The costs for joining the mentoring program consists of two parts:

  1. A three-year prepayment of renewal fees prior to starting the mentoring sessions
  2. Making two pledges:
    • Mentor at least two other members if called upon to do so by TA Today
    • Personally refer and have TA Today accept at least two new members during the three years following your mentoring graduation

Note that the mentoring program is a privilege - not a right. You must apply to the program, be accepted, prepay renewal fees and make the pledges.

Mentoring Application

To apply to the mentoring program, the steps are:

  1. Become a member (if not one already) and be in good standing
  2. Meet the mentoring prerequisites and program pledges
  3. Apply to the program

  4. If accepted, make all needed preparations as directed by your assigned mentor and begin the mentoring pricess