Who Are We?

Who Are We

TA Today is a community of like minded investors and traders utilizing the ground breaking model L.A. Little created over a decade ago - the neoclassical model.

TA Today's is the creation of LA Little and has evolved to serve two goals:

  1. Give back to the non-professional trading community by teaching LA's market proven methods to those who have the desire and work ethic needed to succeed in trading (one of the hardest jobs you will ever encounter)
  2. Give 50% of all net TA Today profits to worthy charity organizations on a yearly basis

Why TA Today?

Because we truly believe that anyone, with enough drive and effort, can become a consistently profitable trader/investor and that the least painful path to becoming that trader/investor is to join a community of like-minded traders at TA Today.

By joining TA Today, you benefit from:

  1. An continuing stream of Trading Ideas complete with
    • Trade Status, Type, Conviction Level, Time Frame, Entry/Target/Stop Prices, Comments and neoclassical chart mark up
    • Examples can be seen here
  2. An unparalleled education featuring our one-on-one mentoring program where you can learn to consistently profit in the markets along with community activity and continuing educational materials
  3. Unlimited access to all the neoclassical tools to aid you in your research and trading
  4. A community of like minded investors all either trained or being trained in the neoclassical methods

We are TA Today, practicing the neoclassical model that LA Little developed which greatly simplifies the market so that anyone, given time and effort, can become a consistently successful trader.

How to Get Started

TA Today is not an open enrollment site. To join the community you must fill out an application and go through an interview process. We are interested in making sure both parties having matching ideas and interests. From our perspective, we want individuals who are committed to both benefiting from and contributing to the community, the tools and the neoclassical model.

If accepted, there is a membership fee and then, in subsequent years,  a yearly subscription fee.