Trade With L.A.

The best way to learn to trade (either as a newbie or an experienced trader wanting to learn how to find trend, supply and demand on the charts) is to have a seasoned neoclassical technician teach and trade with you. What better teacher than L.A. himself, since he created the neoclassical model and has written and lectured extensively about it. Here's a short video introduction to the service.

To this end, we offer an exclusive opportunity to learn from L.A. daily through his personal Trading Room where he tracks trades via videos and offer trade setups that you can trade along with him or simply learn from him.

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Portfolio Overview

The TA Today Portfolio is a hands on portfolio that L.A. manages. These are "real" trades that L.A. personally makes in his portfolio. He tracks the trades mentioned in his trading room that he enters through the TA Today Portfolio available on this trading room and he focuses a lot of effort on teach you how to fish - not just providing the fish.

Communications Methods/Details

Communications on the actual trades are done exclusively in L.A.'s Room where comments are made and a running set of transactions and overall portfolio results are kept and are available to you as links.

He communicates his trading/teaching ideas through

  • General and specific comments a daily update sent to you via email and also available on the site
  • Via video trade broadcasts
  • Via trading room comments
  • Via a weekend video update that examines the markets and where they are going;
  • Through the Members Only Video Library which explains all the neoclassical concepts along with trading strategies, etc. 

Free Trial

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Policy Regarding Subscriptions and Cancellations

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If, after the two week trial, you decide to continue the service, you need do nothing to continue the subscription. Either your PayPal account or credit card will be charged for the service period you chose and a reoccurring charge on the anniversary date thereafter. Again, you can cancel at any point but your service will continue for the full month or year depending on what you signed up for. No refunds are issued.



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